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Old Timey Photobooth

Posted on 17 January 2014 by Joseph

Man, I love the past. How else could I explain this ridiculous, semi-ironic mustache and beard that I have? That Overly Manly Man meme always makes me giggle. Any time I read about the hardships and sadness of American pioneers, I am filled with maudlin and sigh big sighs for times gone by.

Luckily, with the creation of the Olde Timey photobooth template for Photobooth Creator, I can sigh no more! This new template takes me back, way back, to the days before my grandparents were born! It's got a sweet handbill-looking wooden type font, and a nifty tintype-looking overlay (though don't worry, the photos you take will still look like normal).

Without further adieu, here's what the new Olde Timey photo booth template looks like:

Olde Timey photo booth template

With stuff looking this old timey, I can completely forget that I am not in a saloon in the Western Territories, having my picture taken by an affable con artist instead of in a college dorm in front of a computer. Ah the good old days!

Have any cool ideas for other custom booth templates? Send me an email and let me know about them!