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Valentine's Day Photobooth Template

Posted on 14 January 2014 by Joseph

Ahh Valentine's Day. Whether love is in the air, you're trying to get it afloat, or you want it to fall out of the sky like the Hindenburg, Valentine's Day never fails to excite or enrage. Whichever side of the battle you're on, make sure your Valentine's day (anti-)party is a blast with the new Valentine's Day photobooth template for Photobooth Creator. It's got hearts and a fancy-pants handwritten font, so you KNOW it's gonna be classy.

Here's a screenshot of the new Valentine's Day template:

Valentine's day photo booth template

Classy enough to woo your potential sweetheart, but just enough blood imagery to say "I hate Valentine's Day and everyone who likes it." Perfect!

Have any cool ideas for other custom booth templates? Send me an email and let me know about them!