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Olympics Photo Booth

Posted on 22 January 2014 by Joseph

If you're anything like me, you love the Olympics. Competition on the international stage, literally the best athletes in the world, and a laundry list of obscure sports occurring at times when everyone else in the country is asleep. Am I going to get up at 3AM to watch the curling semifinals? You can put money on it.

Since the 2014 Winter Olympics are rapidly approaching, I've put together a Winter Olympics-themed photobooth template for your all your Olympics party needs. Grab a handful of old 5K medals out of the closet (mine all say "participant"!) and throw on your ski goggles and you and your guests will be indistinguishable from the world-class men and women tearing up the slopes in Sochi this year.

Here's a quick peek at the theme:

Winter Olympics photo booth template

With this template, you still won't know know how skeleton works, but it won't matter: your party will rock anyway.

Have any other ideas for photobooth templates you'd like? Send me an email or holler at me on Twitter and let me know about them!